Andrew Gautreaux

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Mr. Gautreaux is President and CEO of Legacy Exploration. Andy delivers more than a decade of expertise in the gas and oil sector to Legacy. he finished school through Southern Methodist University with a Bachelors Diploma and in his final year of school, he started working with an independent oil and gas company and also other industry authorities such as geologists, petrol technical engineers, geophysicists and marketing pros.

Right after doing work for two independent oil and gas corporations, Andrew Gautreaux co-founded a private oil and gas corporation in the year 2011. Andy Gautreaux subsequently sold his interest in that enterprise and unveiled Legacy Exploration, LLC making sure that he could get involved in the cutting edge oil boom made possible by hydraulic fracturing as well as drill wells even closer to his home in Dallas.

His mission assignment, having said that, has always been very much the same during the course of his profession: to drill, service, as well as produce low-cost, high return, gas and oil wells with long term partners, and thereby produce the maximum payouts to his investing partners. Andrew Gautreaux resides in Dallas, Texas.

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